Atomik Tommy's Thunderwing is the title of my current solo project, starting with the release of two brand new recordings of classic Thunderwing songs!  These two new singles are now available on iTunes and Google Play!

2018 marks the 40th Anniversary of  Modern Age Rock, a song about the pursuit of the rock and roll dream.  This song was previously only available as a demo.  I decided to make this the first song to re-record and give it a modern edge.

The song Trouble was next up.  The lyrics of this song have been completely re-written from its first version in 1980, but the song maintains its groovy retro vibe!

The "Trouble" lyric/ live action video on YouTube

Available now on iTunes and Google Play!!

Track Info:
Modern Age Rock and Trouble were recorded  during the spring of 2018  at Nacnud Studios in Lodi, CA.  
Produced by:  Tommy McClendon 
Engineer: Rick Duncan 
Mastering: Craig Long, Paradise Studios, Sacramento, CA 
Drums:  Cortney DeAugustine 
Bass:  Steevn John 
Background Vocals (Modern Age Rock):  Cortney DeAugstine, Hal Eichsteadt 
Gang Vocals (Modern Age Rock):  Lance Archer, Jeff Archer, Steve Cook, Damien Ware, Mark Wild, Hal Eichsteadt, Cortney DeAugustine, Steevn John, Spen

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